WordPress Website Email to Blog Options

WordPress Posting via Email (Possible configurations)

WordPress website email to blog options are here! Blogging and posting articles as a part of website development and WordPress blog submissions is as critical in Santa Monica, California as it is in the US and around the world. Go to WordPress Dashboard. Under Settings :: Writing option, section as Post via e-mail. Enter an email ID (dedicated to posting articles only), server settings like port number and Mail Server which you can obtain via typical web server (using an email ID hosted on server) or you can get more details for Gmail or Yahoo accounts from the settings page of those email IDs. Enter the password of that email account. Select the default category from the (Default Mail Category) dropdown. Click on (Save Changes) to save those settings. That should complete the process.

You can now send an email to the email ID specified at the settings :: writing page. Subject of the email will be recognized as the (Title) of the post and the body portion of the email will be the content area. This way you can only post text articles on your blog so write only text in the email. Attachments will not be supported for the post content. Once sending an email for a new post, you will be required to run a link on your browser.

That particular URL will update your site / blog and the new post will be reflected. The new post will then be published by the name of site admin. You can also automate the same process of updating the site thru wp-cron plugin.

Postie Plugin to Post via Email

To make things even easier, you can utilize postie plugin by which you are able to post a new article by simply sending an email. Via postie you can post articles with images and videos as well. Once you begin using postie, the settings create on Settings :: Writing will be ignored or possibly overridden. Auto update of the site is also considered in the postie plugin. If you do not have permission to run cron jobs then you can use cronless postie plugin which is commonly included in postie.

Via postie, anyone can also select a new custom Category while sending an email to post. If you like the author name as your unique send the email containing the post via your email ID which is associated with User ID on WordPress Admin Setup.