Santa Monica Web Design – Eblast Design Tips

Santa Monica Web Design – eblast design tips and email campaigns are helpful! As WordPress web design companies in Santa Monica and their clients realize the importance of email advertising there are a few points and tips that will help your eblast be more effective. Design email blasts: Horizontal template 650 Pixels by 300 Pixels […]

Helpful WordPress Website Tips

The WordPress Anthology Helpful WordPress website tips can really help! As WordPress website developers in Santa Monica we really enjoyed the book The WordPress Anthology and it held a lot of good and valuable information. We hope you enjoy it as well. The WordPress Anthology is an excellent book for website designers who want to […]

WordPress Website Email to Blog Options

WordPress Posting via Email (Possible configurations) WordPress website email to blog options are here! Blogging and posting articles as a part of website development and WordPress blog submissions is as critical in Santa Monica, California as it is in the US and around the world. Go to WordPress Dashboard. Under Settings :: Writing option, section […]

Websites on Mobile Devices

Modify an Existing Website for Current Website Consumption Websites on Mobile Devices! As a Santa Monica Website Developer the reality of critical mobile device marketing has become a hard fact. No one can risk ignoring the evidence that more than a billion users usually access the internet via a mobile device. You may not be […]

Responsive or Adaptive Website Design for iphone / ipad

If you have an existing website you need to consider the iphone and ipad audience. Development of your website for viewing on iphone or ipad with Neon Wolf Studios is a great idea! As a Santa Monica iphone and ipad website design company we embrace the fact that critical mobile device marketing has become a […]