Santa Monica Web Design – Eblast Design Tips

Santa Monica Web Design – eblast design tips and email campaigns are helpful! As WordPress web design companies in Santa Monica and their clients realize the importance of email advertising there are a few points and tips that will help your eblast be more effective.

Design email blasts: Horizontal template 650 Pixels by 300 Pixels Vertical

Eblasts (popular term for an email advertisement, announcement or newsletter) will usually need to pitch itself within an email preview area no matter which email service provider sends it out. You will have aprox 650 pixels of width across the top and about 300 pixels in vertical depth. Make sure that the value proposition, your call-to-action verbiage, and all critical information that compels users to continue reading is right there in that area. Stay away from use of eblast graphics that may not load or display in the email preview section of an email template in a typical program.

Design email blasts: Create Your Links so they Look Like Actual Links

If you’re shooting for the highest click-through achievable, you will want to create your web links in your email to not only appear as web links but also stand out as obvious web links. At the very least, web links in your email eblast should consistently be underlined. Web links should be formatted in a light blue font and should also appear bold. Style guidelines may not allow links being bold or blue, so make sure that they are underlined at least. Don’t use images, graphics or buttons to display a link however, if you decide to use one, provide a corresponding text link that is within proximity.

Design email blasts: Try to Keep Images or Web Graphics to a Minimum

Image graphics do have undeniable visually compelling outcomes. In the overwhelming majority of your clients email service providers some inbox images will not even load. The more you use graphics, the more that the overwhelming majority of your web eblast subscribers will receive a blank space. While you may want to include a few images for those who can view them, don’t depend on images and or graphics to sell your product or convey your critical message. Make positive that all information that’s important, your subscriber needs to know is not hidden in an image or web graphic. Utilize the alt and titles behind web graphics to confirm that there will still be copy appearing even if the image or web graphic does not appear to the user.

Design email blasts: Keep Verbiage and Content to a Minimum

Web emails and or eblasts must contain copy and text. That is the essence of any effective email campaign. Still, you don’t ever want to include too much verbiage. You don’t want to risk having it sent into a spam or a junk folder. You don’t want to overwhelm viewers and or web users with more text than they have time to consume. It’s best to use short text sections that link back to full pages, blogs, articles or product pages on the home website or landing web page.