Helpful WordPress Website Tips

The WordPress Anthology

Helpful WordPress website tips can really help! As WordPress website developers in Santa Monica we really enjoyed the book The WordPress Anthology and it held a lot of good and valuable information. We hope you enjoy it as well.

The WordPress Anthology is an excellent book for website designers who want to utilize WordPress, but would also like their website to be more (one of a kind) than they are right out of the box. You will learn the overall basics of WordPress and some of the more advanced features such as plugins, and themes. The longest chapter in The WordPress Anthology covers the basics of WordPress completely and is easy to understand. And even if you’re not a web developer or WordPress website designer you’ll enjoy the interesting information and stories.

There are many good chapters on almost everything else you might want to explore with WordPress. The book The WordPress Anthology has a lot of situations for how to do the various things it teaches, and that makes it a lot easier to comprehend the entire overall website developmental process. Please be aware that this is not a book for beginners. The WordPress Anthology is quite concise and under lined structures of WordPress can be very technical, this book The WordPress Anthology helps to clarify some of these complex systems.

The WordPress Anthology is a fantastic book for getting started developing and updating WordPress websites. It’s perfect for intermediate WordPress developers who want to take their blogs further.

How to use WordPress for Blog Submissions

There are multiple ways to post an article on a WordPress blog. You can use your desktop clients like Windows Live Writer on Windows or you can also use KBlogger on Linux or directly post your article through your admin panel (dash board) of WordPress setup section.

But if these options are not easily accessible to you then you may possibly want to use a different email client like Outlook or Hotmail for example or other webmail programs to post an article to your blog. These options are very helpful when if want to update your blog while working in your office premises where you can’t access your blogs dash board or other necessary software.